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Your new baby is perfect, which is why I create by the philosophy of "newborn led" sessions. Your baby is the boss! I will custom create beautiful backdrops and color palettes for your baby to be the star of the show doing what babies do best, being simply adorable. This includes baby yawns, stretches, self satisfied smiles, and swaddled coziness.

Style?  I do not use complicated props and costumes, but beautiful fabrics, baskets and comfy pillows to showcase your little one in their newest days.  I would love to consult with you about colors and style, whether it's simple and clean with whites and neutrals or more of a boho vibe. Just give us a call before your session.


When?  Newborn Sessions are best scheduled between 7 and 14 days new and are held at my studio or your home.  You may book a time based on your due date, and dates can be adjusted based on baby's arrival.

Time?  Your session usually lasts around 90 minutes, plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, and soothing sessions.

And Up. For Babies and Children.

If you're like me your little one seems to change every hour of every day, growing, rolling over, giggling, and I'm always afraid to miss a minute. While the newborn stage is certainly the most fleeting, baby's other milestones are always amazing to capture and sometimes, maybe, that whirlwind newborn stage passed you by. It totally happens!

You can book a session at any point during your child's development and I offer a Milestone Package for parents who want to book 3 sessions for these turning points


Milestone packages can be customized based on your child's age. For example, book a Newborn, Three Month and Six Month or any combination to suit your needs at a reduced rate. Total must be paid at first session. You will also receive a complimentary 8x10 print of your choosing with each session.

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