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Great Portraits of Kids / Hudson Valley Photographer

Our kids are our everything and it's hard to try and capture every little thing. In this post this Hudson Valley photographer will give some pointers on how to capture great portraits of your kids. For many of my clients, photo sessions are an annual event and a marker of your changing family. It is nice to mix it up, a little environment, a little studio and even a solo session of your kiddo or your kiddo and their siblings.

When planning any session, communication is key. I love to chat about your vision if there is one, but if you feel completely lost, a good place to start is looking at my work (or any photographer's work), and deciding what speaks to you. Then personalize it to you and your family.

Great images sometimes take more than just deciding to book. And what to wear? This can be a real time sucker. To ease the anxiety, I recommend adding my styling service to the mix. I work with a very talented stylist, Anja DePietro who can give you options for a cohesive and special session. We will gather your pieces for you, and you can purchase them or not at the end of the session. Not convinced, think about this, all those adorable printed diapers? While so fun for the everyday, these can be super distracting in photos, the answer? Let's cover in a white bloomer.

Dress up one of your kiddo's passions? Let them pick their outfit from are selections. This makes sure they are happy and excited, but also mesh with the rest of the family, the location, etc. This doesn't have to be impersonable. Tell us what makes your kiddo excited and we'll make it happen.

I hope this Hudson Valley photographer shed light on how to take great portraits of your kids! And I always encourage a solo session so your little one can be the star of the show.

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