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Mommy & Me Photo Session / Hudson Valley Photographer

Looking for a "Mommy & Me" photo session from a Hudson Valley Photographer to celebrate your little one? Maybe it's a milestone like a first birthday or Mother's Day. Every year on Mother's Day I offer "Mommy & Me" mini sessions to celebrate all you do as a mom. And let's be real most moms don't show up in photos all that often, so it's nice to have some time as the star with your kiddos. These will be keepsakes you and your kids will love in the years to come. I know that I love seeing photos of my mom from years ago and there aren't that many because she was always the "photographer" of the family.

These images are some of my favorite and I think it's because the style just worked. The white on white is so beautiful and Mom and baby have such amazing interactions. There is a little bit of everything, candid moments and straight to camera formal portraits. While these are not the trend right now I think it's important to have a quiet and intentional moment. For most people all the candids and details are beautiful for an album, but if you want to print just one it may very well be the portrait, so don't underestimate it's power!

Side note: "Mommy & Me" can be done at any age, maybe we'll call it "Mom & Me", haha. You don't stop being a mom after the baby stage or even the toddler stage. Yes, the younger years are more fleeting, but preteens and teens will change too and it's nice to capture your relationship throughout the years.

So, if you are looking for a "Mommy & Me" photo session from a Hudson Valley Photographer remember to look at the work as a whole and think to your self, what would I print, what would my kids and I like to have years from now? Then make sure your photographer aligns with that vision. Thanks for reading!

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