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A Lifestyle Family Photo Session / Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Looking for a photo session that is uniquely you? This Hudson Valley photographer will show you just what a lifestyle home session with your family can look like! These are the moments when your kids are just their amazing, maybe a little crazy, selves. I mean, ok, this idea that lifestyle sessions just organically happen, that I walk in the door and you just hang out and I take pictures, is completely false.

Well, then what does it look like? It looks like bringing out the kids' favorite things, or actually maybe some things they've never seen, or a full body experience, like instruments? Music? Pillows (kids and pillows, I don't know what it is, but it's always a good time)? Brooms? Yea, silly right? Kids love brooms.

Encouraging play and interaction is the bulk of my job here. Your kids are dancing? Dance with them, spin them, dip them. Maybe you have an imaginary microphone you can sing into. It's really forcing moments to happen, but in a fun, that might not have happened, way.

Listen, I am not a photojournalist it is not my job to stand back and just watch. It's my job to guide and pep up you and your family to feel like the best version of your selves while capturing a vibe, your family's vibes. Next time you are looking for Hudson Valley family photographer to do a lifestyle family photo session think about a photographer as a guide to making some memories and find someone you love!

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