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Golden Hour Session / Hudson Valley Photographer

Summer is a magical time of year and golden hour in the Hudson Valley is the perfect time of day to capture these memories with your photographer. Here is a perfect example of a maternity family session from this Hudson Valley photographer in Rhinebeck, NY at the perfect time of day (golden hour) and the perfect time of year. Every family session should include a more "formal" family portrait (these are great to print), some solo shots of the kiddos, solo shots of expecting mama and tons of candid moments and even some details. If you make an album, this variety is for you!

This session was taken at one of my favorite spots right in Rhinebeck, New York. Burger Hill,, offers a beautiful backdrop. A walking trail, a small pond, gorgeous views and tons of grasses and wildflowers that are perfect for your little one to explore.

If you are looking to book your golden hour session with a Hudson Valley Photographer keep in mind that it should be fun and relate to your family. Whether you are super outdoorsy and want to be surrounded by nature, or maybe more of a city mouse who wants to wander around town, your photographer should be able to learn about you and show off the best of your family.

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