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How to Announce your Pregnancy by a Hudson Valley Photographer

If you search there are a myriad of ideas from Pinterest on how to announce your pregnancy, but this Hudson Valley photographer has a look without the corn. Make it classic! Make it simple! And if this is baby number two or six include big brother or sister! Kids make everything fun, and they haven't seen the hundreds of photos online, so they do what they do best, be original and authentic.

In this studio session mom brought the ultrasound, but instead of the typical, "hold it over your belly", we gave it to big brother, watched and of course, shot everything.

How fun are these? All of the personality and none of the cheese. If you're looking for a Hudson Valley photographer to help you announce your pregnancy with a ton of personality, consider a photography studio, and consider a classic, clean feel without the big sibling t-shirts (don't get me wrong I love these, but not for a family keepsake). Also, if these is baby two or six, capture the time when you were one or six, haha.

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