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Ideas for Baby's First Birthday Photo Session / Hudson Valley Photographer

Your baby's first birthday is a big milestone and planning a photo session in a great way to celebrate and capture theses moments and this Hudson Valley photographer has some new ideas to make your session unique.

Oh, the cake smash, you either love it or hate it. My personal opinion? It's a mess, which I get it, can be the point, but doesn't make for photos you'd want to hang on your wall for 20 years, at least not for me. There are plenty of other ways to highlight what your little one loves to do, like dancing, crinkling paper, playing with rattles or in this case, eating his favorite food, an orange. I know, lucky mom that his favorite food happens to be super healthy and beautiful, that was NOT my experience, haha.

Yes, everyone gets excited about cake and you can also get some extraordinarily beautiful ones, but the focus should be your little one, their cheeks, their eyes and their adorable baby profile, not necessarily, the cake, the birthday sign and the frosting spread all over the floor. If you have your heart set on a cake smash, first let's do a cupcake, it's small enough to fit in those adorable hands AND they can lift it like this orange so we can get those beautiful close ups.

I hope this Hudson Valley Photographer gave some food for thought and plenty of ideas on how to capture baby's first birthday and make the most of your photo session.

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