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Phones Can Take Great Photos/ Hudson Valley Photographer

Can phones take great photos? The age old debate, well, this Hudson Valley photographer says absolutely YES they can, BUT you need to have some fundamentals to make it really work for you.

All the same rules apply. And here are some benefits and tips to remember.

  1. This is obvious, but your phone is so portable, and super durable and if you're most people, it's always on hand.

  2. Your phone can create incredible skies. So, for super wide shots with perfectly exposed skies and foreground your phone will help you out.

  3. Portrait mode plays with the idea of aperture, how much is in focus, and sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it looks pretty wonky, but again a great tool for photographing your family year round, especially if they are far away from the background or stationary.

  4. Cropping matters! When shooting, remember to move in or change your angles. This avoids the miles of grass in the foreground or unwanted background. If all else fails, crop later, do NOT use the zoom, it's awful.

  5. Turn off compression and any automatic modes, such as vivid. You can add more color later, especially if the image is full sized.

Those are the basics, and this Hudson Valley photographer would love to teach people how phones can take great photos. You can't have a photographer every day, but you can capture memories that are beautiful and worth putting in an album (I believe in albums) or on your wall. Remember those settings!

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