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Portrait and Branding Photography in the Hudson Valley

Your online presence can say a lot about you these days and a portrait or branding session can help you stand out in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Whether your business is a brick and mortar, solely online or just your work (maybe you're a writer, painter, etc) having content that speaks to your vibe, message and medium is important.

These portraits are from a branding session for a writer publishing their first collected works. As a photographer I had to show how she works, where she works, her inspiration and the things she loves. The cover of the book has a drawing of a plant, so we photographed not only the cover, but the plant itself and the other details of her home. Your home doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be extraordinary because it is already full of your favorite things and these tell the story for you.

If you are looking for portraits and branding photography in the Hudson Valley make sure that they understand your needs, your aesthetic and can tell the story of you and the why of what you do.

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