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Studio Headshot Session / Hudson Valley Photographer

In an age of digital transparency I believe everyone should have a headshot. Clients and employers alike want to feel connected to you and your product or services. Plus, if you opt for the non traditional route it can be a great keepsake, as well. So, you need a headshot here's what to expect at your studio session from a Hudson Valley Photographer.

First, question...Who is your audience? Of course, you most likely know the answer. Are they families, artists, home buyers, educators, peers, healthcare? What would they like to see? How creative, professional or welcoming you are? This main question will dictate the vibe, formal, informal, etc.

Next, What do you want to say? I have experience, I am creative, I listen, I am relatable? What is your customer looking for when they come to you and your business?

Finally, think about whether you want studio or environment. Sometimes this is more obvious, do you have a home office clients will come to? For example are you an interior designer? Do you own a store or restaurant? Then let's shoot in a space that reflects your work. Are you looking for super clean with a focus on you and a dash of fun? Traditional, but not boring. Then studio may be the choice for you. Is it the middle of winter, haha, then let's stick to the studio.

When looking for a photographer in the Hudson Valley it is important to know what to expect at your headshot session. These tips are laid out on my website under The Headshot. Give it a visit and start thinking about what you want to tell the world about you.

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