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Tips for Natural Child Portraits/ Hudson Valley Photographer

Now we all love to hire a photographer, especially if you happen to be the photographer of the family. I think this is the role that a lot of moms fall into, which is most likely where the "mom be in the photos too" social media movement came from. So, yes, it's important to hire a photographer for that and many other reasons, but wouldn't it be nice to take great photos of your kids year round? This post will give you all the tips and tricks this Hudson Valley photographer uses to take those super fun, super natural portraits of your kids that you've dreamed about.

And for this "props" are great. I don't even mean anything significant, it can be a location even. I think the beach is one of those spots where kids can't resist play and excitement. While traditional beaches are scarce in the area. There are plenty of Hudson Valley water spots to explore.

Time of day is your friend here. Make sure it's early in the morning or the evening. This will make the light softer and make it way easier to take beautiful images.

The beach is great for another reason. yes, of course, the running and splashing, but for quieter moments, ask them, "What's in there? Is there something in there? Can you see it?" A lot of times kiddos will really, really look (age dependent) and this is the perfect moment to get those sweet faces, which I love.

Another thing to always think about when shooting kids is angles! Get down on their level first and foremost. But also try getting super low, sometimes even lying on the ground and having them look over you can get some great silly reactions. Basically, what I've found is if you are playing they will play too and forget all about the camera, the phone and most likely, all about saying CHEESE too. I hope these tips help you take the super natural, fun and candid photos of you kids you've always wanted!

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