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Your Newborn Photography Session at Home in the Hudson Valley

While I love studio, here's what a Hudson Valley photographer thinks about your at home newborn session... it's definitely different, and definitely amazing! An at home newborn session is unique to you and your family. It captures the same portraits, candids and beautiful memories of your little one while they're the littlest and freezes your ever evolving home and lifestyle.

Maybe you worked so hard on your little ones nursery or you have a camera loving cat, like in this session below. Or maybe this home is temporary, but it's the place you brought your baby home to and that's worth remembering. And let's be real sometimes the whirlwind of a new addition can leave you wanting to stay at home for a few weeks. Whatever the reason an at home newborn session can capture this milestone.

There's always surprises in an at home session, like this mirror in the bedroom, a perfect place to photograph mom, create depth and reflect the rest of your home. Another great example is the shot through the doorway, or the wedding photographs on the wall over the bed, that's two major milestones in one! Depth and layers is one of the many things I love about an at home newborn session.

If studio isn't for you, keep in mind an at home newborn photography session is a perfect way to capture your life in the Hudson Valley. What an incredible place to live and an incredible place to bring home baby!

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