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Your Newborn Photography Session in my Hudson Valley Studio

Your brand new little one has arrived and it's a whirlwind. Capturing your baby's first weeks is probably a bit overwhelming. This newborn photography session held at my studio in Rhinebeck, NY makes all that planning a bit easier. No worrying about how messy the house is, whether you never replaced that ugly sofa, or if you're like me finished the baby's nursery at age two.

All joking aside, studio is classic, clean and focused. It's a relaxing experience and sometimes it's intentionality makes it easier for big brother or sister to stay focused, but also have a ton of fun.

Newborn photography is all about capturing your little one when they're the smallest they will ever be and my Hudson Valley studio can be a great and simple option for new parents. We will get the small details, the little yawns and big stretches, all the snuggles and maybe dad flipping big brother upside down too!

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